Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Photos of Craftsmen, Malawi (March 19-22, 2008)

Malawi is known for its beautiful handcarved wooden items, including intricately designed chairs, tables and home decorations. I passed countless roadside markets where artists proudly displayed their wares alongside their workshops:
A woodworker carves one side of a picture frame (see the photo below for an example of a finished frame)

Finished picture frames, along with bowls, boxes and carved animals

Another woodworker, carving an intricate chair back (see the photo below for an example of a finished chair) The artist, taking a seat on one of his creations
In addition to wooden items, Malawi markets also had lots of woven basket, mats and hats for sale

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Anonymous said...

Interesting - I have a chair very similar to those in your pictures that I got made in Guinea. We called them Forest chairs (ie. from the Forest region of Guinea), so I somehow assumed they were Guinean. Obviously not.