Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ilha Grande (January 3-6, 2008)

I spent the past four days/three nights in Ilha Grande, a gorgeous island about 4.5 hours from Rio (well, 3 hours by bus, then 1.5 hours by boat). There are almost no cars on the island, except for government vehicles, and most people travel between villages by boat. We spent our time exploring the island on foot - the hiking was great, and the beaches away from the main port were beautiful. Last night, there was a huge thunderstorm just as we were returning from a hike. I´ve never heard thunder so loud!
A sleepy side street in downtown Abraao
Just one of many beautiful flowers to be found on the island
One of the beaches accessible only by boat or by foot from the main port
Sunset on Ilha Grande
This beach had sand dollars washed up on it that were at least six inches across


Michelle Jenkins said...

Fab photos as really doesn't get much better than beaches like that!

Michelle Jenkins said...
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