Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cangas de Onis, Spain (May 1-3, 2008)

Cangas de Onis is a small mountain town near Picos de Europa National Park in the northern region of Asturias. The national park is stunningly beautiful, with crystal clear lakes sitting in fields of wildflowers, surrounded by green mountains and distant snowy peaks. Large blonde cows graze the hillsides, the sound of their bells echoing across the mountains. In the middle of the park is an impressive hilltop basilica surrounded by trees, on the site where Don Pelayo defeated the Moors in the early 700s.

The Rio Guena runs parallel to the main street in Cangas de Onis

The town´s main street and small downtown area
Cangas de Onis is known for its cider, which is served in a peculiar way: only a small portion is poured from an arm´s length in order to aerate the cider. After quickly drinking the cider, a patron hands back his glass to the bartender for another pour...this continues until the bottle is finished!
Cangas de Onis´ landmark Roman Bridge, with the Victoria Cross hanging from the center
A rose blooms in front of the Iglesia Santa Maria
The Basilica of Santa Maria la Real de Covadonga, built in 1877 in the Neo-Romanesque style

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