Sunday, May 4, 2008

San Sebastian, Spain (April 29-May 1, 2008)

San Sebastian is a well known beachside resort on Spain's north coast near the border with France - Basque Country. During the summer months, it hosts several international festivals and is crowded with both festival-goers and families avoiding the heat of southern Spain. Spring is a perfect time to visit: the weather is mild, the trees are just filling out with leaves, the beaches are quiet, and the town is nice and relaxed.

Old Town is a typical grid of narrow cobblestone streets lined with shops, hotels, patisseries and bars displaying a delicious selection of seafood pintxos. Bars in San Sebastian are enjoyed by young and old alike: children sit at the counter pointing at the pintxos they want to try, parents sip sangria while gently rocking a baby stroller back and forth, and at the tables in the back, elderly couples sit with their newspapers and wine.

There are three golden beaches just a stone's throw from Old Town, and a wide promenade lined with fancy hotels and apartments extends the length of each. Joggers, rollerbladers and cyclists make their way along the promenade while surfers, kayakers, families and dogs dot the sand below. In the water, sailboats make their way into the cold and choppy Bay of Biscay.

San Sebastian´s beaches are framed by green hills that extend into the distance. Directly behind Old Town, the 12th century La Mota Castle on Monte Urgull provides sweeping views of the city below and the surrounding countryside.
Playa de La Concha
A narrow street in Old Town leads to the Baroque Iglesia de Santa Maria
San Sebastian´s central landmark - the Catedral Buen Pastor
The late afternoon sun illuminates the stained glass windows of Catedral Buen Pastor, dappling the interior walls of the cathedral in soft colors
Children play soccer in the Plaza del Buen Pastor, while their parents chat outside the cathedral or in nearby cafes lining the plaza

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