Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pamplona, Spain (April 28-29, 2008)

Pamplona, in the Pyrenees, has been the capital of Navarra since the ninth century. It was traditionally a fortress town defending Spain´s northern border, with a large pentagonal citadel just outside the old city walls.

Pamplona is most famous for its annual Fiestas de San Fermin and associated encierro (running of the bulls), a tradition that originated in medieval times. During the rest of the year, the quaint Old Town makes a charming destination for leisurely strolls. Bars serving local wine and pintxos (small plates) line the colorful narrow streets, ensuring that visitors stay well fed along their walks.

A narrow street in Pamplona´s Old Town
Pamplona´s Ayuntamiento, in the center of Old Town
Inside the Iglesia de San Saturnino, built in 1297 Patrons enjoy wine and pintxos at a local bar. It´s customary to have a drink and one or two pintxos and then move along to another bar.
The Plaza del Castillo
The view from the Old City wall

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