Thursday, February 28, 2008

Western Cape and Orange River, South Africa (February 23-24, 2008)

The landscape along the Western Cape is beautiful and varied. The area is known for its sweeping coastline, its vineyards and its adventure sports. We spent one night at a campsite in the Olifants River Valley, where we sampled the local wines of the Klawer Wynkelder coop winery.

On the second night, we camped at the Orange River, which marks the northwestern border between South Africa and Namibia, and is a popular destination for rafters and campers. From the South African side, one can see the dry Namibian desert in the distance.

Looking down on the Olifants River Valley, with its many vineyards
The road north along the Western one point, we saw ostriches running along the highway!
The Orange River at sunset - Namibia is just a short swim away The Orange River area at sunrise

Entering Namibia

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