Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chambock Community-based Ecotourism Site, Cambodia (October 12-13, 2008)

The Chambock community-based ecotourism site was founded in 2001 to combat deforestation and provide a new source of income for villagers who rely on charcoal production for their living. In addition to enjoying the beautiful natural setting, visitors can get a taste of rural Cambodian life during a homestay with one of the local families.
Village children take a break from their chores to smile for the camera
A local home; this is where my group spent the night
Our village accommodations: floor mats and mosquito nets
Here I am walking through the village, with an entourage of local children
A nearby waterfall, with a swimming hole beneath, provides welcome relief from the Cambodian heat
The view from the swimming hole below the waterfall

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