Wednesday, October 1, 2008

John Muir Trail - Day 9, California, U.S.A. (September 2, 2008)

Day 9: Evolution Lake to Le Conte Canyon (approximately 13 miles)
Mountain yellow-legged frogs sunbathe on the shore of Wanda Lake, named for one of John Muir's daughters
A nearly perfect heart-shaped rock along the climb to Muir Pass
The shelter atop Muir Pass was built in 1930 by the Sierra Club and U.S. Forest Service in memory of John Muir, the founder and first president of the Sierra Club and a pioneer of the conservation movement in the U.S.
Ashley, me and Erin at the top of 11,955-foot Muir Pass
A marmot enjoys the morning sun on a warm rock; the Muir Shelter has a resident marmot that tries to take backpackers' food!
Beautiful scenery between Big Pete Meadow and Le Conte Canyon; the haze in the air was due to a nearby fire that had been burning for three weeks
Curiosity gets the best of a shy fawn on the side of the trail

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