Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kampong Cham, Cambodia (October 11-12, 2008)

Situated along the Mekong River, Kampong Cham was once an important trading post during French colonial times. Nearby Koh Pen (Pen Island) is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon, cycling along dirt roads past houses on stilts, fruit trees and tobacco plantations. Each year during the dry season, villagers build a bamboo bridge to the mainland, but they must deconstruct it in wet season before the waters of the rising Mekong carry it away.
A villager in Kampong Cham proudly shows off his son
Fried spider - a local delicacy. Yes, I tried it!
Women weave traditional Cambodian checked cloths
Children on the island of Koh Pen prepare for English lessons at the local monastery
A young monk hitches a ride to school on Koh Pen

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Jon said...

so how did the spider taste?!? like chicken? :)