Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chur, Switzerland (May 19-20, 2008)

Chur is an alpine city situated at the head of the Rhine Valley, at the crossroads of ancient trade routes between north and south.

Archaelogical finds suggest that the area was first inhabitated as far back as the late Paleolithic Age, and it's believed to have been nearly continually inhabited from the Neolithic Period to Roman times. As such, Chur is one of Switzerland's oldest cities; it became the capital of the canton of Graubunden in 1803.

Chur's charming Old Town is nestled in the valley below the Brambruesch mountain, on the banks of the Plessur River. It's a lovely place to spend an afternoon wandering, with beautiful old buildings and a plentiful assortment of boutiques and cafes.
Houses, shops and restaurants on the bank of the Plessur River
The late Gothic Kirche St. Martin was built in the 15th century
In front: the Oberer Spaniol, a rare freestanding manor house in Chur's old town; behind: the gate tower to the Episcopal Courtyard
Swiss flags adorn the storefronts on this Old Town street
Looking down on Chur's Old Town from across the Plessur River

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