Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Photos of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic (June 3-5, 2008)

Biking through the green countryside near Cesky Krumlov
Wildflowers cover the hills overlooking the town
The view of the castle from the Old Town
The Vltava River winds its way through the small town
Here I am trying absinth, a popular liquor in the Czech Republic. Bohemian style absinth is supposed to be consumed in a particular way: first, you dip a teaspoon of sugar into the absinthe, then light it to caramelize the sugar. Once the sugar is melted, you stir it into the absinth. Sadly, the sweetness of the sugar does not make the drink taste any better!
Tin soldiers for sale in a small Cesky Krumlov shop

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lfreyberg said...

I recognise that place, though I think when we were there, there was a medieval festival on; everyone dressed up and all the trimmings. Given the architecture it felt quite authentic!