Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Novi Sad, Serbia (June 15-17, 2008)

Novi Sad is a lively city in northern Serbia, about 75km from Belgrade. Its colorful Old Town is lined with beautiful buildings, outdoor cafes and hopping bars, and the main pedestrian streets seem to bustle at all times of day and night.

Across the Danube River from the Old Town is the 17th century Petrovaradin Fortress, which the Austrians built atop the foundations of an old Roman settlement. Today, the fortress is the site of the town museum and archives, a pleasant cafe overlooking the river, and a cluster of artists' studios.
Petrovaradin Fortress took nearly 100 years to build and contains four subterranean levels with a total of 16km of tunnels
The view from the fortress across the Danube River
A sunny cafe at the fortress has tables overlooking the river
A large section of the fortress has been converted into artists' studios. The small studios each have a groundfloor workshop area, with loft-style living quarters above.
A t-shirt for sale at the fortress, featuring Novi Sad's distinctive clocktower. The Novi Sad clock is unique because its big hand marks the hour and the small hand marks the minutes; it was built this way so that ships traveling along the Danube River below could see the hour from a distance.

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