Friday, June 20, 2008

High Tatras, Slovakia (June 11-13, 2008)

The High Tatras, or Vysoke Tatry as they're called in Slovakia, form a mountain range along the Slovakian-Polish border, and boast 11 peaks over 2500m. The range is part of the larger Carpathian Mountains that stretch more than 1000km across Central and Eastern Europe.

The High Tatras are covered in miles of ski runs in winter and hiking trails in summer, and welcoming mountain huts along the slopes provide hearty food and rustic lodging for weary hikers.
Well marked trails make hiking in the High Tatras even more enjoyable
Crisp, clear mountain water rushes through the forest
Thick mist obscures the view of the surrounding mountains
Gondolas carry reluctant hikers toward the peak of Lomnicky Stit
Lomnicky stit, at 2634m above sea level, is the second highest peak in the High Tatras
The High Tatras as seen from the Slovakian plains below

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Wayne said...

From a Conceptual Trend and Future Visualization site:

"Traveling as a process enjoys a revival. People abandon the idea of "getting from A to B" and begin to develop (or re-discover) a culture of traveling: semi-nomadism. Lots of people acquire super new faxed-and-modemed versions of the mobile home. It becomes distinctly "lower-class" to live in a fixed location. Fast forms of transport come to be viewed like fast food is viewed now -- tacky, undesirable, fake."

You're ahead of the future, future-girl. :-)