Friday, June 20, 2008

Teplice nad Metuji, Czech Republic (June 8-9, 2008)

Teplice nad Metuji is a quiet village in northern Bohemia, near the border with Poland. The town's main attraction is Ardspach-Teplice Rocks, a vast expanse of stratified sandstone formations towering amongst the evergreens.

The area has long been popular with mountaineers, rock climbers and hikers. Early summer is a great time to visit, with new growth on the trees, bright green moss on the rocks and crystal-clear streams gurgling through the forest.
A path through the forest leads to a small stream
Ferns grow on the banks of this stream in the nature reserve
A narrow gorge through the massive rocks
A wall of rock, with evergreens above and below
A bonsai-worthy tree in the nature reserve
Czech humor: a mannequin mechanic

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