Thursday, June 5, 2008

Geneva, Switzerland (May 21-24, 2008)

Home to the European headquarters of the United Nations, the birthplace of the International Red Cross, and the seat of more than 200 international organizations, Geneva is a center of international diplomacy.

It is the capital of the canton of Geneva, in western Switzerland on the border with France. It sits at the westernmost tip of Lake Geneva (also known as Lac Leman), where the Rhone flows out towards France. The river divides Geneva into Rive Gauche, the city's south bank with the 16th century Old Town and the university district, and Rive Droite, the city's main commercial area and base of international organizations.
Flags from around the world welcome visitors to the European headquarters of the United Nations Organization
The Palais des Nations, overlooking Lake Geneva, was built in the years following World War I as the headquarters of the League of Nations. In 1946, when the League of Nations was dissolved, the complex became the European headquarters of the UN. The buildings are considered international territory.
An interesting statue near the Parc des Nations
The walls of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum reflect the organization's well known banners. The Red Cross was founded by Henry Dunant in 1863 to aid wounded soldiers.
Geneva, like all of Switzerland and neighboring Austria, eagerly awaits the kick-off of Euro 2008
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