Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lucerne, Switzerland (May 28-30, 2008)

Lucerne is Central Switzerland's largest town, located on the western shore of Lake Lucerne where the lake meets the Reuss River. The serene lakeside setting, the green rolling hills backed by snow-covered mountains, and the beautiful old town, combine to make Lucerne one of Switzerland's most charming and picturesque cities.
Lucerne's most famous landmark: the Chapel Bridge, a 14th century covered footbridge that was once a part of the town's fortifications. It is the oldest wooden bridge in Europe. The Wasserturm, the octagonal water tower in the center of the bridge, served as a lighthouse, prison and treasury.
Interesting rooftops in Lucerne's Old Town
The view of the Old Town from the Chapel Bridge
Colorful flowers line the sides of the Chapel Bridge
Frescoed buildings near Weinmarkt, a central square in Lucerne's Old Town
The Spreuer Bridge, Lucerne's second wooden bridge, was built in 1408 as part of the city fortifications

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