Sunday, July 13, 2008

Photos of Bygdoy Peninsula, Oslo, Norway (July 1-July 4, 2008)

Waterfront homes on Bygdoy peninsula, a short ferry ride from downtown Oslo. Bygdoy is also home to many of Oslo's museums.
This 12th century stave church was transported from Gol to Oslo and reconstructed in 1884 as part of the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History's open air museum
A closer view of the stave church. The interior of the building is from the original church, but the exterior had to be rebuilt when the church was moved; the new exterior was based on the Borgund stave church in Sogn on the western coast of Norway.
An artist carefully glazes a bowl at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History
Traditional Norwegian architecture at the open air museum
Excavated from the Oslofjord area, the 9th century Oseberg ship (housed in Oslo's Viking Ship Museum) was used as a tomb for a wealthy woman. It was customary for Vikings to bury the dead in boats, along with food, animals and both useful and decorative objects.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Frances,
Your photos are wunderbar - wonderful! The sky in Oslo is so clear.

I'm enjoying your trip vicariously. Enjoy!